Transmedia storytelling

For us, content creators, a good story is everything. Evenmore when technology give us so many opportunities. We don’t have excuses to improve our personal and business communication, real or virtual. We can not be on new communication channels until we have a good story. Let’s inspire in good stories. We have a lot of examples of that in our day to day live, and in our social media networks. Let’s act as social beings and provide new stories. We will feel the change. For sure!

What is different and enriching is that, now, the story takes on all the protagonism thanks to the existence of so many media platforms and channels in which the audience feels like a fish in the water and becomes participatory and creative at the same time. Stories are the important thing in trans media narratives. The least important thing is where we find it. The difference is that now, the media powers and facilitates as never the audience travel through that story.